Pup Rocko

This boisterous pup was always a dog at heart but it wasn't until 2009 when he lucked into a chance encounter with Master Tallen that he found a forever home. Under the care of Master Tallen this young pup quickly progressed from curious novice to a full blown leather hound! Before 2010 Rocko was collared and since then has been happy at the feet of Master Tallen's leather family!

In the exciting years since he first started to wear Master Tallen's collar around his neck and around his heart, Rocko has traveled extensively to sniff and explore all sorts of experiences and aspects of the lifestyle! He has served as a volunteer and staff at many events in a variety of roles, always with an eager wag!

He has taught and assisted with several puppy oriented classes and even served as a Head Judge!

Currently Pup Rocko is on the production staff for the Heartland Person of Leather Contest, and the International Puppy and Trainer Contest. He is a member of NLA Dallas.