Announcing the 2018 Rocky Mountain Puppy: Pup Arcturus and the 2018 Rocky Mountain Trainer: Kenda

Applications for 2019 are still open.

If you live in our feeder states which are Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming, we are in need of contestants (both puppies and trainers - you don't need to be a matched pair either. Solo applicants can apply and will be matched up as we get closer to the event).


The Rocky Mountain Puppy & Trainer Contest will be held during Rocky Mountain Rebellion in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah August 23- 25, 2019. Registered attendees of Rocky Mountain Rebellion have access to the Rocky Mountain Puppy & Trainer Contest, as well as dozens of educational workshops, excellent vendors, awesome ON SITE play parties and the Rocky Mountain Person of Leather contest. Unfortunately due to local laws, day passes will NOT be available and you must register no later than the day before the event, as there are no on-site registrations. Find out more about registration for Rocky Mountain Rebellion by clicking here.



A list of previous winners and judges can be found here.