Head Judge: 2014 IPTC International Puppy - Pup Tork

Pup Tork has been involved in the leather & fetish community for the past 6 years. He has served his community as the first Illinois Leather Puppy in 2014 and went on to become IPTC International Puppy in 2014. He is a founding member of the Chicago Puppy Patrol, Co-founder of Team Friendly Chicago, Full member of the Windy City boys Troop, Membre Associé Phoenix Montrêal, and Network Administrator for the Leather Archives and Museum. Additionally he currently serves as Director of the Illinois Puppy & Trainer Contest, as well as a Board Member of the International Puppy & Trainer Contest.

Tork, alongside IPTC International Trainer 2014, Sir Justin, has taught classes, judged contests, and has assisted with numerous contests all across North America. He is a proud member of Mama’s Family, know as "Mama's Guide Dog."