2016 Los Angeles Puppy - Pup Zero

RYAN EVANS/PUP ZERO is the first Los Angeles Pup titleholder since 2004. As an LA Titleholder, his sense of responsibility has caused him, to want to branch beyond L.A. to learn and bond with other pup communities. He will be competing for the International Puppy 2016 title in July of this year. After he won Los Angeles Pup over the first Puppy Pride weekend ever held in Los Angeles, the Leather Journal made his name known internationally by featuring him on the cover of issue #291. He currently is working hard, creating a guild for the pups of Los Angeles, in the hopes that it will help boast and connect more pups in our area. Zero plans to help create more meet ups and activities for the pup community beyond the bar scene. He had the privilege of presenting a class on puppy play at the SouthWest Leather Conference in late January. Zero has a passion not only for leather and BDSM but feels compassionate towards the entire LGBTQ community.