2015 SouthEast Person of Leather Autumn

Autumn is a genderfluid, demisexual, poly, switch who has been in the Leather community for a hot minute. Autumn greatly enjoys being a piggy, and they have a special place in their heart for humiliation and degradation. Their second great love is edging and orgasm denial. They also enjoy helping people discover brats, littles, and middles and all the joys that can come from torturing, or knowing, them. They were the first person to hold the title of SouthEast Person of Leather in 2015. They also take great pride in being a member of House Leviathan, an associate member of the Columbia Leather Order, and in being part of the Person of Leather

title family. They currently pursue their various kink adventures through traveling the country as a seller for multiple vendors, a sometimes judge, and an educator. <3