2017 IPTC International Puppy - Pup Dodger

Pup Dodger is the current IPTC International Puppy 2017/18, former Great Lakes Puppy 2017 and the very first Michigan Puppy 2016. He is a fun loving German Shepherd service pup and has been a member of the community since 2013. He lives by the motto “come play with me.” Encouraging others to get off the sidelines and get involved and is always willing to help a fellow pup or kinkster explore. He is a member of the Michigan Band of Brothers, Associate member of Chicago puppy patrol, associate member of North Star Kennel Club and a member of Titans of the Midwest.

Dodger is a huge advocate for mental health and believes we should not let our infirmities define who we are.

In addition Dodger has sat on puppy play panels, taught classes and judged numerous contests across North America.